From basic electrical service calls to wiring of your home or business, we can provide you with finest wiring and technicians available. Our services include: General electrical wiring, Energy management systems, Generator systems, Lighting retrofits, Lighting control systems and Landscape lighting.



Energy Automation is used to efficiently manage how energy is consumed and devices are powered throughout your home so that overall less energy is consumed. Combining automation software, intelligent circuit breakers, and other elements such as automated lighting, and motorized window shades, allows you to create a home that is as energy efficient as possible. We can install a battery storage/backup system that allows you to store the energy that is created by your solar system in the middle of the day when you are at work and use that power at night when you are home. You can also use the battery as backup power during a power outage in lieu of a noisy generator.



With motorized or manual shades you can create the perfect light for any space or activity with a sheer, dim-out or black out fabric.  Sheer shades maintain view while diffusing UV rays that can damage furniture.  Dim-outs provide privacy while blackout fabrics eliminate all daylight.  Our shading systems employ virtually silent electronic drives so you are never disrupted by loud motors during operation.



Your home is an extension of you.  You want it to reflect your tastes and take you in with its design, beauty and ambience.  With a distributed audio system your house can surround you in music.  Select from in room, in ceiling, Small Apeture, or totally Invisible speakers. Control can be accomplished through your app, a keypad, or Voice Control!



With a distributed video system, watching what you want where you want in the home couldn’t be easier.  No more unsightly equipment next to your TV or taking up valuable cabinet space because with a distributed video system all of the video equipment will be centrally located in a designated area in the home.  You can easily enjoy TV and movies wherever you’d like in the home.  You could start a movie or TV show in the family room and finish it the master bedroom



With your very own home theater, you will never again have to deal with the inconvenience of going to the movie theaters.  You will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the show from the comfort of your own home.  Let us design the perfect theater experience that will never leave you feeling like you missed the big theatrical experience.  We carefully design every aspect of the room from seating arrangements to acoustical treatments to ensure the perfect theater for you.



Home automation can control and integrate systems like Lighting, Audio, Video, HVAC, Shading, Security, Intercom, and Surveillance. Systems may be connected through the network to allow Voice control, App, Keypad, Geo fencing, or Touchscreen control. An example of this would be the owner could press a "Goodnight" button and it would turn off all lights, audio, video, drop the shades, and turn down the heat. Or with Voice Control, they can simply say "Turn on Goodnight" and it does the same chain of events. Possibilities are endless and the end user can configure many of these scenarios very easily themselves. We can provide wired and wireless systems for your new home or remodel.



The benefits of a lighting control system are numerous, but some of the features can include Scene control, built in astronomical timers, small keypad footprint, remote access, energy savings, whole house integration, etc...  Scene control allows the end user to turn on numerous lighting loads in a room(s) to specific levels.  For instance, at the touch of a button, we can turn on the kitchen cans to 95%, the kitchen under cabinet fixtures to 60% and the kitchen pendants to 75% creating a "scene".  We can have a number of scenes per keypad to allow the end user to select just the right mood.  Astronomical timers allow us to program the system to turn on or off lights based on sunrise or sunset.  There is no need to adjust any clocks for daylight savings.  The small keypad footprint means the lighting control keypad takes up a 1/4 of the wall space of a 4 gang switch box eliminating the need for multiple switches on the wall.  These keypads will also control the electronic shades that exist in the home with no additional shade keypad required.  We can also integrate the distributed audio, Video and HVAC systems as well if desired.  This allows the owner to perform multiple tasks at touch of a button.  Some examples of this would be: Good night or away modes that would turn off the lights, lower the shades in the home, set the heating/cooling to a desired level and turn off the music throughout the home.  We can enable good morning or home buttons that trigger the opposite chain of events.  Another popular button is the Party button that can set the lighting mood for the entire home, turn on the music for the entire home, set the heating/cooling levels and raise all the shades.



Always feel safe in your home by letting us design and install the perfect surveillance system.  Always know who’s at the front door before answering it.  Our security and surveillance systems are designed to provide enhanced comfort, safety and convenience.  All Cameras and Intercoms can be monitored from a convenient app on your phone or tablet.



The Network is the foundation for EVERYTHING! We provide robust enterprise class networks to support the speeds needed for today's devices. This includes wired/wireless systems that provide seamless handoffs between access points. We can provide a complete turn key system for your new home or remodel.


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